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How to Get?!

How to get early rate booking offers?

If you are a member, you will receive alert email (we do NOT call anyone ever), about upcoming offers so that you can be part of the first Group to book at lowest rate, on RERA Approval.

The offers at special rate is usually picked up, within weeks, by members and booking closed.

Contact us immediately, on receiving alert, if you are interested. All offers may not be open to all.

In certain cases, we limit bookings to only members, who have booked in previous projects, due to lack of enough number of units, at special rate.

You should sign up to received the offers


IT Space   Hyderabad

APH267: GACHIBOWLI - Buy 1000sft Units in IT Park - Commercial Space in upcoming A class Highrise building before Gachibowli Junction, Hyderabad

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