Why Exclusive Ventures when you have Magic Bricks and 99 Acres?!

The difference is that Exclusive Ventures bring special early rate plot layout offers, helping members to book at LOW RATE, before the project is opened for booking in the open market. This ensures members get appreciation, quickly, with respect to their booking rate compared to the formal launch rate. We publish only recommended plot layout projects in Hyderabad at very early investment stage. BOOKINGS WILL BE CLOSED as soon as prelaunch taregt is met. Usually only our MEMBERS who get alerted are only able to book. These uniquely located projects help you to get very good investment appreciation, especially since booking is done at early offer rate. There are hundreds of projects, but we pick up at the most 4 or 5 in a YEAR. Signup Now to get alerted!

PLS41 March 15 2019

PLS41: Invest in 1 acre land in upcoming HMDA plot Layout

Join as Investor in the project. Get developed plots in liue of investment in Land. Location beside Highway (between ORR & RRR) near a town on the verge of sharp price increase due to Govt infra developments. HMDA Residential Plot Layout - Pre Launch Investment is Open! Check Opportunity Available or Not The Project participation is by INVITE only to our long standing members.

PLS40 Feb 15 2019

PLS40: Book at Pre Launch Phase, beside ORR just before Thukkuguda

Book plots before formal launch with token advance Get special prelaunch rate by committing to buy later, by making a token advance. The project is only 800 meters from ORR. Directly visible and surrounded by other layouts before Tukkuguda ORR Junction. Check Opportunity Available or Not

PLS39 NOV 10 2018

PLS39: Pre Launch Booking beside Mumbai Highway before IIT, adjascent to RRR

Book before formal launch with token advance The launch of Plot Layout at Rudraram before IIT Hyderabad. Recent launch of plot layout in Isnapur beside Mumbai Highway, by Aparna Group is causing plot rates to spike. Hence book at PLS39 at attractive Pre Launch Rate. Check Opportunity Available or Not

PLS38 20 Aug 2018

PLS38: Pre Launch Booking just 2Km from Shankarpally MMTS on Road to Mumbai Highway

Book plots at very low prelaunch rate close to Shankarpally Town. Unlike so many other projects, PLS38 is very close to Shankarpally town and will FACE the main road from Shankarpally to Mumbai Highway (this road goes from shankarpally via ODF to KANDI IIT on mumbai highway) Check Opportunity Available or Not

PLS37 April 05 2018

PLS37: Pre Launch Plot Booking beside ORR just before Thukkuguda

Book before formal launch with token advance Get special prelaunch rate by committing to buy later, by making a token advance. The project is only 500 meters from ORR. Block priority now! Block at prelaunch rate. This project also has big price increase prospects, like the earlier 2 projects. Check Opportunity Available or Not

PLS33 Apr 20 2017

PLS33: Plot Layout Pre Launch Bookingis open! After Mokila beside Bhanoor

Pre Launch Booking at Low Rate with with token advance New 20 Acres HMDA Residential Plot Layout is open for booking in Hyderabad West. From Gachibowli either through ORR (past Aparna Kondakkal Layout) OR drive past Mokila & take right turn. Get fantastic low rate at Pre Launch stage, compared to rates of existing layouts, in the vicinity. Check Opportunity Available or Not

Previous Closed Offers

Pre Launch Offers - Old

Few of the old Prelaunches at very low rate.

  • PLS30 - Tukkuguda ORR
  • PLS29 - Raviriyal- Adibatla ORR
  • PLS28 - Adibatla - Aerospace SEZ
  • PLS23 - Tukkuguda ORR
  • PLS22 - Kollur
  • PLS16 - Beside Wonderla (adibatla)
  • PLS14 - Beside Kongara Kalan Collectorate (Towards Adibatla)
  • ..... And many more.

How to Get?!

How to get early rate booking offers?

If you are a member, you will receive alert email (we do NOT call anyone ever), about upcoming offer.

The offers at special rate is usually picked up, within weeks, by members and booking closed.

Contact us immediately, on receiving alert, if you are interested. All offers may not be open to all.

In certain cases, we limit bookings to only members, who have booked in previous projects, due to lack of enough number of units, at special rate.

You should sign up to received the offers

New Villa Project

Villas  Hyderabad

GB245: MOKILA - OFFER WAS SENT TO MEMBERS! Gated Luxury Villas, at MOKILA 267 SQD, 2400SFT Duplex Villas. Upfront booking was done at very low rate

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