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Madhapur, Hitec City, Kondapur:

From the year 1999, the focus of buyers suddenly turned almost 100% towards Madhapur. Vijayawada Highway was forgotten! For a brief period buyers were enamored by the 4 Lane Highway thro Kompalli-Medchal. But this enthusiasm dispappered quickly. 1999 to the year 2001 saw NRIs and investors buying plots extensively in Madhapur, Kavuri Hills, Hitec City areas. By 2002, interest spread to Kondapur. Apartment and bungalow constructions commenced in full swing, in these areas from the year 2000.

By 2004, Madhapur and Kavuri Hills had run out of open space! And by 2005, entire Hitec city area, including Whitefield, was fully occupied by apartments. Several Gated Community Bungalow Layouts came up, in this stretch. Vasantha Valley, Bhavya's, Orchid, Indu Projects etc.

The booming IT industry, caused heavy inflow of professionals into Hitec City area. And the Hyderabad Real Estate blossomed! Today( 2006-07), we can observe scores of huge IT establishments lined up behind Cyber Towers, all the way upto the Secret Lake (Durgam Cheruvu). L&T Infocity speraheaded the revolution; followed by the likes of Raheja IT Park, Acendas IT Park, TCS, Dell, Oracle, Satyam, CA, Accenture, Infotech, SQLStar, Softsol etc..

This inflow of professionals necessitiated huge housing requirement in Hitec City, Kondapur area. Premier builders like Jayabheri, Aparna, Aditya, Aliens, Nivee, Myhome, SMR. Shilpa etc. stormed in, with huge projects. Small and medium builders also joined in, building hundreds of apartment complexes all around, turning Hitec City and surrounding areas into a concrete jungle. New Projects with Refreshing designs started appering all over Hitec City Area. Foreign Companies Like, EMMAR, JURONG etc have moved in. Several others are entering the fray. Meanwhile, rapid commecial development also occured, bringing in Hotels, Hospitals, Convention Centers, Shopping Malls, Super Markets and major food chains like, Coffee Day, Barista, US Pizza, Pizza Hut, Dominos and usual bars and restaurents etc.

There are beautiful projects of Gated Villas / Homes like Aparna Orchid, Indu Projects, Bhavyas, Vasantha Valley etc near Hitec. Luxury Apartments: Jayabheri Silicon County, SMR Technopolis, My Home Navadweepa etc. Several Residential Towers were under planning stage as of December 2006. (Contact for Resale of Plots, Villas, Homes in these Layouts)

Arterial roads from Jubilee Hills got opened up. Once quiet, Jubilee Hills has now awakened to buzzing horns and traffic jams!

Guchibowli, Namakramguda, Gopanpalli:

The Construction of Stadium for National Games and then the commencement of IVRCL Towers and ISB at Guchibowli threw up a new location for investors to run to! Oddly named Guchibowli and its neighbouring areas like Nanakramguda, Gopanpalli became the darling of NRIs and Investors making land prices to jump from under 10Lakhs to roaring 15 Crores per acre!!

Guchibowli has already seen world class development. More organized and even, compared to Hitec City. Mammoth structures were built by Infosys, Microsoft, Wipro, Polaris, Canbay, Templeton, UBS etc. More are under construction, including 7 Star Hotel by ISTA. Also the Financial District area is seeing large scale penetration by Indian Banking Giants and FIIs to build their Data Warehouses and Emergeny Operation Centers.

US Consulate will be built in the Financial District area in Guchibowli. Already Aparna and Jayabheri are building superb Gated Townships here. Obviously, there will be demand for highend premium homes which can be rented out at 1.5 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs (within next couple of years) per Month. Emmar is building Golf Course and Villas facing Golf Course behind Infosys.

Nanakramguda is buzzing with activity. Lanco is building IT Parks, Residential Towers, Malls and Business Centers spread over 100 acres adjascent to the Express Highway which strats from Guchibowli. In addition to scores of 20 story structures, a Signature Tower soaring over 90 Floors is being built! View the pictures of these imposing structures now!

The silent and empty suburb of Gopanpalli, Nallagadla where the only living beings you could see couple of years back were Buffaloes and stray dogs, has awakened to Gated Bungalows costing over 150 Lakhs. Apartments at this remote location is being sold at 3000/SFT!

DLF is building Malls and Commercial Space in area Near CMC at Guchibowli. IVRCL, with its famed towers -HillRidge-(which opened for booking at 900/SFT in the year 2000), is building Multiplexes and Malls at Guchibowli. Guchibowli is rapidly transforming into a glitzy, upmarket locality.

Guchibowli- Nanakaramguda- Nallagadla -Tellapur areas are buzzing with new Projects! Aparna Shangrila, Jayabheri Meadows, Jayabheri Orange County, Jayabheri Four Seasons, Bloomfield, Aparna Sarover, Aparna Cyber County, Rolling Hills, IVRCL Hill Ridges (Apartments and Villas) etc..And many more would come up to meet the huge upcoming demand. (Contact for Resale of Plots, Villas, Homes in these Layouts)

The Average income of tech poulation here should be above 60K per Month! Unheard of in India where the Annual average income, hardly touches Rs.5000! Obviously, Guchibowli, Kokapet, Narsingi, Gandipet, Manherevula, GopanPalli, Nallagadla, Nanakramguda should be the places that one should target for upmarket commercial ventures / enterprises. Its important to buy into developing localities and cash-out later or run commercial establishments and rake-in big bucks!

Narsingi, Puppalaguda, Manikonda, Manchirevula, Gandipet, Kokapet:

The excitement of rapid transformation in Guchibowli, has spread into neighbouring areas of Narsingi, Puppalaguda, Manikonda, Manchirevula, Gandipet, Kokapet etc. If you go in today (October 2006), as a casual vistor to these areas, you will only see green fields and and swaying palms. Its so calm, green and quiet! The imposing upcoming developments have virtually shaken up these sleeping localities, from within. Farmers have disappeared, leaving empty lands to developers and Realtors. The whole place is on fire! And raging, unseen! Two Lakh per acre rice fields, now quote Rs.15 Crores, an Acre.

The upcoming Business District at Manchirevula and Golden Mile at Kokapet has virtually fired up the real estate market. The proposed commercial developments are much larger than what we have seen at Guchibowli. The APIIC is promoting 60 Storey Twin Towers as international Business Center. The Charm of Express highway, now under construction (View Express Highway Video) is drawing developers, investors and commercial and IT establishments, like bees to honey sickle.

The Express Highway to Shamshabad Airport is cutting through these places. Moreover, the Outer Ring Road coming in from Patancheru, will join Express Highway at Narsingi. The imposing commercial ventures proposed here will see thousands of highly paid executives and business managers streaming in! To take care of their voracious appetite (we have already seen this VORACIOUS APPETITE at Guchibowli. where prices of premium flats were driven up from 900/SFT in the year 2000 to 3800/SFT in Oct 2006. Plot prices from a ridiculous Rs.1000/sqd to the astronomical Rs.25000/SQD!), developers have streamed into this new belt. Radha Realtors, Dhathri, Villa Green, Magadha, Rolling Meadows -12 Km from Kokapet etc are early movers, who allow you to buy early in these areas, to milk huge gains later!!

Our members have received vital information and strategic reports, by mail and this has enabled them to buy early, at cheap rates! More new projects are under our review! Sign up free and be ready to profit from recommended safe projects, as natural developments take real estate prices in hot areas of Hyderabad, to incredible levels!

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