Karimnagar Election -Brief Look at the Impact ...05.12.06
It was agreed by all, that KCR would win. The issue was only by how much margin? Would it be a lakh of votes or more?! But the voting pattern (57%) has come as a real surprise. Looks like Telengana wishes to have equal share of Hyderabad/Hitec/IT/Airport etc, for sure!

Incidentally, since Aug 2006, prices of stand-alone apartments near Kondapur has remained steady, after reaching 2800/sft. It did go to 3000/sft. But had quickly come down to 2800/sft. This was a clear indication of the market uncertainty, over last few months, considering Karim Nagar. But 2800/sft was the lowest and with the general view that KCR would anyway win, the south-pole had reached! You can say the market had already discounted the effect of KCR's, future win.

Tthe question now is how the forward movement, would be. Due to psychological impact, with KCR win, the price would remain steady for sometime. And then the rise would start. However, this rise would be stalled by commencement of new constructions under the relaxed GO 86 rules. The price is not likely to go above 3000 to 3100/sft in Kondapur, over next 6 months. The upcoming projects would rein in the price rise.

Just like buying stocks, when the market is down, its important that you buy, when the real estate market has discovered the bottom level. The above analogy can be applied to all areas and for plots. However, in outlying areas, the depressed rates could remain down, for a month or more.

The situation looks pretty clean and clear with regard to current and immediate future prices of stand-alone apartments. Its necessary to bring rock bottom rate TO YOU to book, while we are there!

Hence the recommendation for APH208, a new stand-alone Apartment Project, just 3.5KM from Stadium at a very good location. Drive home, from Guchibowli, without getting into traffic.

As per the agreed arrangement with developer, FIRST 2 Lucky members who pay token advance immediately, get to benefit by 2 Lakhs which is cost of Amenities.

The Pre Launch Price is an AGGRESSIVE 2400/sft. with delivery within 12 Months. B The Company already has approval and you can take Bank Loan too. In effect everything is in place! Project details are at: