Well,. here is something that would definitely bring smiles to some of our members who had bought on my recommendation 2 years back in HUDA approved Layout near Shamshabad Bus Station!! Ravi, Arati and Ram K! Rejoice!! They bought at 3200/SQD when the price of plots in Shamshabad was just Rs.1000/sqd and below.

The current asking rate is 18000/SQD! Please see mail from a member who is trying to buy there! If any one wishes to sell, I would be happy to direct you to the member free of any charges, as usual!

(Buy buying an 800SQD at Rs.3200/sqd while plots were available at less than Rs.1000/SQD all over Shamshabad, Ravi & Arati from US has made a whopping 1.18 Crore PROFIT. They invested just 25Lakhs, 2 years back!! Incredible!! )


The fact is that distances can not be measured from Hyderabad, anymore. Guchibowli, Narsingi, Gandipet, Shamshabad, Fabcity area, Thukkuguda etc are all turning out to be large satellite cities on their own merit. Look at Bangalore and Delhi...the prices in Satallite Locations have overtaken prices in original core areas. Development is a continuing story everywhre. In fact, Hyderabad was a sleepy place till the year 2000. It has just awaken and there is miles to travel!!

You need to visualize the future! Developments are happening at frantic pace. But relatives at home, have very little day-to-day knowledge about the way future would turn! Many of you are missing Millions, by banking on them, rather than professional researched advice! I can recite stories of a number of members who are close to me but had put off purchases and are ruing their misfortune, relying on feedback by parents!

I can only say that you will be missing the bus by MILES, if you disregard for example, the Second HADA Layout! BOOKING CLOSED DTCP layouts quote 5000/SQD 3KM further away. Panchayat Layouts are selling at 7000/sqd near Chadrayangutta Junction.

So how do you avoid making recurring blunders?!

1. Sign Up and be a member to receive alert messages. You have to act when vital info suitable to your requirement, lands in your mail box! You would have already lost lakhs, if you were to know, later from friends or media.

2. Evaluate distances, from the nearest locality where developments are going to happen soon. Always superimpose feedback of relatives, especially those in real estate line with upcoming developments. Relatives who are into buying and selling land, show off to NRIs, as if they have good knowledge!! Unfortunately they have very limited , skewed outlook. They are totally unreliable. Many lose Crores, the moment a distant relative involved in Real Estate is called in to help! That is the end of it!

3. Go by expert advice and hold investments till developments really take off. In India delays will happen. Be Patient. My recommendations, always seek to establish future resale opportunity with resepect a number of factors, which the "real estate relative" has no clue of.

4. Do not follow the herd and buy all over the place. Many have already lost money by investing in cheap plots in inaccessible areas around Shamshabad, going by what friends were doing. Also developers have been selling "hot plots", in conservation area. I have heard sob-stories from many of you, who bought plots for in unauthorized layouts.