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+>Aug08:Budwel Auction-Hyderabad. HUDA has sold Assigned Land! UNITECH almost duped of Rs.160 Crore.
+>Aug08:Infosys is back in Pocharam. Tips to shield oneself from foolhardy investments.
+>Aug08:Report. The Infamous GO 288 requiring Land/Flats to be Reserved for EWS use is Revised.
+>July08: Review-Times Property Expo; New Projects and Rates -Hyderabad
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I would like to Thank you for such a wonderfull site which helps a lot of people especially persons like me, NRI sitting at long distance and getting valuable information on RealEstate from your website. Once again, Thank you so much. ..... Thanks Yasub-US

Hi Pramod..... One of my friends importunated me to look at your site and I was awestruck with the wealth of info you've there. I'd appreciate if you get back to me with rates of recommended projects near Fabcity and we can take it further......Thanks Phani-US

Dear Pramod....First let me congratulate you for doing a wonderful job in opening the eyes of lot of people who have been taken for a ride by the all those fly-by-night developers with fancy maps and projects. Going by the amount of analysis that you guys do and the way you present it, it makes for a compelling read..... Madhu-US

Hi Pramod...I am currently working in US. I am a registered member of your site and I am very impressed with the information you provide on your website. I came to know about the website only last week and was amazed to look at the enormous amount of data thatís useful for people like us. Appreciate your services. ...Ramana-US

Dear Pramod... It is nice and great to find the efforts you guys have made in bringing out various information related to investing in real estate sector (lands, plots, independent houses, apartments and high rise buildings) in and around Hyderabad. Keeping the current government initiatives to control inflation in mind , I think the builders will have to cut down their exorbitant and unrealistic prices. Moreover in India there must be a quality based pricing apart from demand based pricing. A lot of construction companies with low quality buildings are charging the same price as reputed builders. I think it is time we must check and make people as well as the registered members of your website aware of such things apart from highlighting the hot and cold zones and pasting news cut outs related to the progress in the vicinity of gachibowli and fab city. I wish you all the very best and hope you will bring out best and quality ventures and keep us informed about ventures which are not worth considering ----- Thanks, Jitendra-US
(Note: We wish to assert that all properties covered by us are PRE-approved based on a number of criteria. There is no place for average quality properties, at We do not accept any AD request from Developers. Only properties that we ourselves asess and find acceptable are carried at the site. This is why you find very few properties at website, compared to thousands available, on the ground. Lot of ventures are defenitely not worth considering. But it will not be appropriate to list them. Some may be of good quality but "would be of very low value for money propositions". We defenitely do not select such projects too. PK)

Hi Pramod...I really appreciate the information and especially being more organised.. This shows how clear you are about the real estate market in hyd.. People are just buying based on some brokers recommendations without knowing much about the area... I never invested in hyd so far since no one gave me the details like you... Now I feel more comfortable to invest rather than investing blind fold... Thanks for ur help..... Rajesh

Pramod, Thanks for keeping in touch and I really admire the content, information, statistics etc on your Website..... Ravi&S

Hi Pramod, Thanks for sending great Information. Your report is very good and really evreyone will appreciate. .....Regards, Bhushan

Pramod, Excellent posting about the airport and surrounding places and analysis gives us more info to make informed decisions. U r provididng what I am looking for. .......Srinivas S

Thanks Pramod for all the help and support from your side to assist me buying this site. .....Regards, Digvijay

Pramod, Thank you for the article on Shamshabad Plot!!. It was my confidence in you that make me bought that plot, though i had not looked at it. I visited that place in January of this year and it is indeed a very good location! .......Ram K

Thanks Pramod for all the help and support from your side to assist me buying this site. .....Regards, Digvijay

Dear Pramod, Thankyou very much for this sound advice. I guessed so, what have just told me. On seeing your advice I have decide finally to try and get my money back, which itself has become difficult. Thanks any way . Thanks a ton..... Warm Regards, Kapil M

Dear Pramod, I appreciate the immense value we NRIs remotely get from your timely information, analysis on local real estate. Keep up the good work! Hope to sign up for some other good pre-launch soon. ... Thanks, Sarat G

Hi Pramod.. Thanks for the wishes and I wish you the same. I was looking at your website and I have to admit, it is done very well and provide a lot of information. You have really done a great job. .....Regards Uday B

Hi Pramod, Thanks for the excellent reports on Service Tax, Repatriation and Price Rise of Apartments. It took me a while to take a look at them as I was busy but every word in the report is worth it ... Thanks, B A

Hi Pramod, Good luck with your new venture...I guess I'm just going to follow you to wherever you are going!... Regards, Vinod R

Hi Kiron...your's was very very timely & helpful info....Great job..Keep it up.. Good Luck in your new assignment. Keep us posted. Srinivas , NJ - USA

I do not think ExclProperties would run, now that you have left it. Good luck and best wishes. Regards, Vishnu K

Sure, Pramod wish you success with change. pls keep me posted. Nitu

Hi Pramod, Wish you all the best for future projects. Just curious where are you joining. Keep me informed about good ventures. Thanks, Padam B

Hi Pramod, Best wishes for your new venture...Do inform as soon as you launch... Regards, Srinivas M

Pramod... Best Wishes!, Give me your phone number or contact email id. Thanks..Dheer

Hi pramod,Your emails are very professionally written, full info enough to make decisions, go ahead and wishing you the very best in your forthcoming setups.Have a good one. Mujtaba S

Dear Pramod Kiron,Wish you lots of success in your new avatar!You did a great job through out and I thought throughout that you owned Exclproperties. So am guessing you are setting up a new venture of your own? In anycase you demonstrated that calibre and ability! Please keep us informed about where you will be when you are ready to do so!best wishes,Babu G

Promod, Ok, This is the reason for your long Silence !, Your articuate writings amused me a lot.. Send me your phone numbers. Let me know abt your newer company. Cheers, Prabhakar T

Hi PK ...I regulalry get updates from you and I am very much thankful for your prompt support and guidance.I personally want to thank you for the support you provided while you were in Excel properties, I wish to get updates from you in future as well. Have a successful and prosperous move. Thanks and Regards......Aamir S

Hi Pramod, Good Luck... and please keep in touch.. Thanks Ravinder G

Dear Promod, You did an exceptional job ever since you joined this firm. Your absence is a great loss for Exclusive Properties. You have built a great reputation and confidence with all the NRI clients.Please send me your personal email and Mobile Number and I wish you good luck in all your future endeavors. Regards! Shravan

I am sorry to hear that you are leaving exclusive properties but at the same time I am very happy for you that you are promoting another enterprise.... Savithri S

Hi Pramod, I am glad you are joining a new and better project. Hope everything goes well in your new project. Thank you very much. Regards, Srikanth K

All the best Pramod with your future endeavors and it was great hearing the updates from you. Keep in touch. Ravi G

Hi Pramod...Good luck with your new enterprise. I subscribed to Exclusive properties only because of your insightful inputs to the subscribers. I am not sure, if I have to re-subscribe with your new enterprise or they just export our subscription information to your new portal/web site. Please provide me the clarification on how it is going to work. Cheers--- Sathish G

All the best Pramod with your future endeavors and it was great hearing the updates from you. Keep in touch. Ravi G

Hi Pramod, Feel bad that you are leaving excel proporties but also feel happy that you are moving as it would have been a better oportunity. Thanks for all your updates. I always feel that if I would have invested in the proporties that you suggested would have been great. Though I have not invested through excel or have been a paid customer, was following your news updates everyday and have referred so many people and told that you are a reliable source, and I mean it. Thanks for all your efforts and information. Good Luck on your new project. Thanks Prasad N

Are you are going to start something similar to exclproperties? I used information given by you to buy 2 aprtments in last 7 months which I couln't have offered to buy today! Thanks..Sateesh M.

Congratulations, Pramod. I assume that you are moving on to a much better opportunity. Please keep me posted. Thanks,--Raj K

Pramod, This would be a loss for Exclusive Properties. I have found you to be courteous, prompt and helpful. Please send me an alternative email and phone number(perhaps a cell number). Wish you good luck in your new enterprise! Regards, Gopi K.

Hi Pramod, I am glad you are back! The website looks very nice, much better that the one before. ..Kapil R

Hi Pramod... Good to hear from you again. Also,your new site is very well designed and appears very professional unlike the old site which was very cluttered. I must say you did a great job on this. Congrats and all the best for your new company...Shanthan C

Hello Promod, Good luck with your new venture. Keep us posted about the information about the properties... S and Ravi

Hi Pramod,First, congratulations on your new venture. How are you doing? Though I have made investments in Hyd, somehow I could not do it thru you until now. I look forward to working with you on this. Wishing you all the success...Vijay P

Pramod, Thanks for keeping in touch. The site looks great and all the best in your new whole and sole venture..Regards ..Ravi G

Good to have you guys back!.... SK
Have Queries or Comments? Mail me at ..Regards..Pramod Kiron

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