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We are happy to present here answers to general queries raised by Members. All queries would be individually replied. We will not be able to answer queries regarding Title, Legality, Survey number etc at all. Only selected questions would be posted here.

Our thrust is on upcoming developments, future potential etc. Please do note that we can not comment on Projects other than that are Recommended. However based on location of a Project, we may give general comments on growth potential. Contact

What is the total registration charges & taxes for a flat in Hyderabad? Regards ---- PV Kumar, Hyd
I purchased a plot at koheda village, Hayath nagar, having Sy.No.747/a from Srimitra estates pvt Ltd. Now i required copy of Land conversion certificate regarding the above lay out. So, what is the procedure? where to get it? & how. It is panchayat approved land. Thanks ---- Srinivas, Hyd
I am interested to buy a plot which is in located at bhanoor. Broker is saying that they are panchayat approved plots..and i cant get loan on them. This village doesn't come under GO111..but I feel there are lot many things been hidden..which the broker is not disclosing.Request you to anwser my queries. 1.I have no idea which zone it comes under as BDL factory is hardly 2kms distance to that. 2.If this plot comes under agricultural land,what are prons and cons. 3.How to know whether these layout is authorised or not. Does HUDA people help me find if I provide them survey numbers.? Thanks ---- Sarala, Hyd
I am planning to buy a plot in Boduppal. I have paid the initial token amount. I thought to take a Home Loan for the said land, but during processing of loan approval, bank said that since this land is not HUDA approved, they cannot give the loan. But the land owner said that they are having Gram Panchayat approval. I am buying this land as I have already 200 Yards of land attached to it. I think its good to buy the said land. If I take this plot now, can I Get the HUDA approval since I have the Gram Panchayat Approval. Or there will be any problem during HUDA approval? Regards .----Srinivas, Hyd Mahendra - Dubai
I had purchased a Plot in a HUDA tentatively approved layout in the year 2001. The final HUDA approval was not obtained by the developer. I had applied for LRS for the said plot. My application was rejected saying that my plot falls under surplus land. As far as my knowledge goes HUDA issues a tenative approved layout only after ULC clearence. So how come my plot is coming under surplus land? Please help.----Srinivas, Hyd
I own a plot in Muppa homes Layout just adjacent to Gopanapalli Wipro SEZ. Do you foresee any future over there? I want to sell 50% of the plot (i.e 500 yards). ---- Brahma-Hyd
I had purchased piece of land 325 sq. yds in Nadergulvillage in 2006. Later, after 2 yrs, I realized that according to HADA Notice this Sy No. comes under Unauthorised Gram Panchayat Layout. Please advise what steps I need to get approval?. As a individual, can i get permission to construct house? ---- Madhu-Hyd
I am buying a 300 sq yard plot @ Rs.1200 per sq yard, in --- Layout, Santhapur Village, After Pulimamidi, Kesampet Mandal, Panchayat Layout. Is it worthy to buy that property, I am much confused in taking that one. Please suggest me ASAP. I am taking a personal loan from HDFC Bank @ 16.5 % interest rate. 3.5L Loan has already got credited to my account. Is it a wise decision to take that plot. PLEASE HELP! ---- Sitarama-Hyd
I am planning to buy a duplex in gated community around new international airport. I have seen some ventures few Kms inside Thimmapur and Kottur on the South of the Highway. But unable to decide on any as I see no development on NH-7 and everything looks so far from the main city. Could you please throw some light on the best possible location and venture details.....Sravan-Infosys-Hyd
I bought land (1400 sqyds) beyond Mansanpally xroads. 2 KM to proposed 150 ft link road connecting Srisilam and Bangalore highways. 10 KM to ORR, 8 KM to Srisilam highway. Just I have downloaded report from your site. Per report it looks Shamshabad area takes long time for appreciation. What is your suggestion should I sell the land and invest near Gachibowli, Gopanapally, Tellapur, APPA, Narsingi area. Your suggestions would be highly appreciated......Natraj-US( June-2008)
I work in a BPO in Patancheru. We avoided purchasing any plot or house in patancheru because of pollution. Instead, we are planning to purchase independent house in Sagar highway, as it is closer to outer ring road and also due to affordable price. Now, my request is can you please advice me if this is a good decision. If ORR is completed how far would it be from Sagar highway to Patancheru via ORR...... Regards, Radhika K- Hyd
I want to buy a plot near Shamshabad at Meridian, who is selling plots in gated layout. Please advise whether this is safe....... Regards, Bharat M- US
There is a talk that apartment buyers need not pay Service Tax as per new circulation from Department of Revenue. Is that true or just a rumor?
>>Please view Govt Circular on this. Do you have any info on that?... Thanks Rao-US
I am a member of Exclventures and I need your help on clarifying few questions regarding DTCP layouts, described below...R Ramesh - US
I live in USA and I bought 400 Sq Yards of Land in S........ Layout in Maheswaram. This is located close to connecting road between Sri Sailam Highway and Bangalore Highway. We paid the full amount including registration by mid of last year itslef. According to the agreement they were supposed to register the plot upon final payment. But unfortunately nothing happened so far as they haven't got the DTCP approval yet. Don't know the exact reasons for this.

After pursuing continuously with the Agent/Builder finally they told me last week that plots are ready for registration under Gram Panchayat lay out. Now again we are in a dilemma whether to go for it or wait for DTCP approval. Can you please let me know whether Gram Panchayat lay out has any limitations?

Do we need to get DTCP approval eventually to build a house in the plot. And finally who will be responsible(Developer or Owner like me) for getting DTCP approval if we get registered now under Gram Panchayat. If we register now under Gram Panchayat, do we need to re-register under DTCP once the approval comes . This has been bothering me for last 6 months. I don't want to rush and register under Gram Panchayat and getting into more troubles. Please advise....Sai-US
Are Rolling Meadows and Shivashivani which were recommended by Exclusive Ventures under Greater Hyderabad? If so would there be any impact on it's approval as they have not got DTCP Final approval yet. As land owners do we need to do any thing as these were under DTCP earlier. Please Clarify..... Thanks, Sandhya-US
I purcahsed 400SQyd of plot in DTCP layout under survey no 52 Manasanapalli village in June 2006(Lane opposite to Rice mill). On viewing your article "DTCP cheats buyers instead of protecting them" in, I called up Developers to find out about conversion certificate. It was told that they have applied for land conversion certificate in last week and can expect it in one month time. Please advise me? .....Rajshekhar-Hyderabad
Can you please clarify the difference in functions of HUDA, DTCP, MCH, Panchayat etc with regard to Approval. Its totally confusing to us!.....Prasad N-US
I work in UK and during my last vist to India bought a 400SQD plot near Samshabad. This is a venture called ---- by ----.While going through your article on Biozones near Airport it appears that these ventures might fall in that. As the papres are in India I don't remeber the village name or the survey#. I will appreciate if you could let me know whether you are aware of this venture and whether this falls in the Biozone. If it falls what is your advise. Is there a way to sell it now or later? Is it a wasted plot now and have I lost all the money? Your feedback will give me some relief! Thanks in advance. Venky, UK
I am curious if you have any advice about buyng land in Pragati Resorts. If its agricultural land, how come they say a house can be built on 15% of the land? You are saying in your Q&A section that it cannot be more than 5% for agricultural land? Please help as I am trying to decide whether I should invest in it long term for my parents. Thanks in Advance Veena-US
I bought a Plot for 15Lakhs. The developer is registering the plot at 3Lakhs. Does this mean that if I sell plot I can repatriate only 3L back to US? I am concerned. I have asked the developer to register at least at 10Lakhs. Could you please clarify this matter?.... Pradeep V-US
I would like to buy a plot in a venture adjacent to Journalist Colony near Guchibowli. This venture comes under Vattinagulapally village. The plot comes under Survey No:177. Does it come under Conservation GO 111? Thanks -R K Mandava
I would like to know if I can invest near Saraswathigudam along the road connecting Srisailam Highway and Rachalur Road. Please advise and thanks for all your great advice.....Raja
Recently on my trip to India, I happened to see a plot (300 Sq.yards) in ---- Hills. The plot seems to be in a good location but is in close proximity to the ORR /APPA. I read on the web that you cannot have any major or atleast medium sized constructions (duplex) in 1KM radius of ORR. I wanted to confirm, if this is true. I also want to know if it is 1KM radius of ORR or just 500Meters? Thanks in advance....Srini
I need a little bit advice from you. I had booked a plot by giving 50% amount in G.. R... Pvt. Ltd. I was told last year that DTCP approval will be obtained next month. But till now, forget about DTCP approval, they havn't done any development and on top of that, the entire venture in Kandukur village, has been sold to some other company. Company was forcing me that no refund will be given and I will have to take plot or else, will deduct the amount, may like 5 to 20%. I want full refund since cancelling the booking is not of my own reason. What can I do in this case, especially I am sitting here in USA. Please advice... Thank you Yasub. From New York. USA
I am an NRI from Canada and want to return to Hyderabad soon. I am looking for a gated community, but want something bigger than the usual 300-400 yard plots. The only way to find an affordable 1000+ plot is to look for a farmhouse in a bio-conservation zone. I am checking out ---- project in Shamshabad.
1. You mentioned that one can only build up to 5% in conservation zone; that would mean a max of 1080 sqft (540+540). How can they manage to build so much more? Wouldnt there be any problems if I bought a house there because of this?
2. As an NRI, am I allowed to buy farmland/farmhouse? Or should I consider having my parents buy this for me?Do you have any other recommended layouts with larger plots? ....Thanks, Riaz
In one of your recent reports, you seem to give a lot of importance to Srisailam Highway area and not much to areas around mansanpalli / ameerpet village / Kottur. I feel banking on just one project might be too risky (Fab city) whereas other areas are closer to Bangalore Highway which is in much better state than Srisailam highway. Areas around B'lore highway will definitely develop as they fall between City & the airport whereas Srisailam is on the other end. Just curious to know your thoughts ...Thanks ..Anuj
Is it true that no development is allowed in 10 Km radius from Gandipet and Himayat Sagar Lake, under GO111? Could you clarify ….Ramesh Reddy -US
Could you please comment on this Layout Location near Shamshabad. I am planning to buy. Prasad B- US
We have been hearing mixed impressions regarding real estate prices in Hyderabad. We have been looking to buy a Villa at Hitec City or Guchibowli. My parents say the homes are priced way too high and the real estate market might come down. For how long do you think this boom will continue, specially in light of Andhra-Telanga movement going on now? How far are their fears true. since we have to invest our life-long savings we are a bit apprehensive. Your advise is highly appreciated. Thanks ...Govind,US
I need an honest advise. I purchased a plot In venture called Cyber space by City Square in March 2006 at Rs.... The plots are DTCP approved. It's about 1.5 km from ORR. Do you advise me to keep the plot or sell it off and buy some thing in Bongaluru? Thanks for your advise. S Talla - US

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