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Why Exclusive Ventures when you have Magic Bricks and 99 Acres?!

The difference is that Exclusive Ventures bring special early rate offers by getting Group Booking Rate, thereby helping members to book at LOW RATE, with RERA approval, before the project is opened for booking in the open market. This ensures group members get appreciation, quickly, with respect to their booking rate compared to the formal launch rate. We publish only few recommended projects in Hyderabad with Landowner Shares and Group Booking Offers by developers, as soon as RERA approval is obtained. Selected by us from among hundreds. These uniquely located projects help you to get very good investment appreciation, especially since booking is done at early group booking offer rate, before project gets widely published, by alerting inetrested members as soon as RERA approval is obtained. There are hundreds of plot layouts, but we pick up at the most 5 or 6 in a YEAR. Signup Now to get alerted and be part of Project Groups!

APH281: 22 SEPT 2021


Investor option only is OPEN. Super Luxury high rise gated community tower project being designed on world standards with no basement floors. 12.5 acres with 25 floor Towers. First floor flat at 5th Level with full frontal view of ORR. Get 1700sft to 4500sft duplex flats. 2 to 3 car parks for each flat. 7.5 Acres open to sky Greenery. Live high-life at the richest & smartest Tower Project in Hyderabad. View Details

Luxury Apartments in Hyderabad

APH279: 28 JUL 2021


Project is OPEN!. Luxury gated community low density project with 4 blocks in 3 acres. 9 Floors with Landcsaped gardens, Club House, Swimming Pool and other Amenities. Get 2BHK flats from 1250 sft onwards and 3BHK from 1450sft onwards View Details

Luxury Apartments in Hyderabad

PLS47: 02 JUL 2021


Project is OPEN!. Who wouldnt want to own a small private Ranch? As small as quarter acre or 1 acre with optional Wooden Ranch Home. Completely landscaped, secure and fenced? Happy to bring this projct to the highly discerning members in Hyderabad and abroad to drive down and relax in lap of nature. But NOT far away! Less than an Hour drive from Gachibowli through APPA. OWN AN AMERICAN STYLE PRIVATE RANCH IN HYDERABAD. View Details

Private Ranch in Hyderabad

APH278: 26 JUN 2021


Project is CLOSED. Luxury gated 40 floor community in Gachibowli near ORR. Within 2KM of Gachibowli Signal. Take advantage of the special group booking rate by committing to book now. Low density high rise tower project. Magnificent Highrise Towers with Stunning View of ORR! View Details

Luxury Apartments in Hyderabad

APH260: 25 JUN 2021


In 15 floor Gated community, Vertex Panache beside ORR Opposite to Financial Ditrict (adjascent to AMAZON Campus), landowner is offering ONE 1275sft 2BHK flat with 1CAR PARK. Offer rate includes car parks and amenities. If keen to buy flat with loan in completed gated community project with all amenities, submit enquiry.

Luxury Apartments in Hyderabad

APH275: 20 JAN 2021


Luxury gated 15 floor community right beside Mindspace Campus and Singapore Township before Infosys. Take advantage of the special offer rate. Enquire Now and be ready to get alerted when project moves from pipeline to group booking phase with RERA Approval View Details

Luxury Apartments in Hyderabad

APH274: 24 JAN 2021


Need Luxury Gated Apartment but has to be AFFORDABLE?! High-end gated high rise community with remarkable landscaping! Project near Miyapur X road with group booking offer. Enquire Now and be ready to get alerted when project moves from pipeline to group booking phase with RERA Approval View Details

Luxury Apartments in Hyderabad

Note: Image represenational.

APH273: JAN 2021

APH273: Group Booking at Highrise Tower in Kokapet - Near Gachibowli ORR

If you missed entering early in Residential Highrise tower projects unlike your friends, here is another opportunity. Group Booking in Project near Gachibowli ORR in Kokapet. Project details, group offer etc will be mailed to members. Enquire Now and be ready to get alerted when project moves from pipeline to group booking phase with RERA Approval View Details

Luxury Apartments in Hyderabad

Note: Image represenational.

GB250: DEC 2020

GB250: Get Villa as Landownershare in luxury Mokila Villa Project

Will you be able to own a GATED COMMUNITY VILLA PROJECT IN MOKILA? It's become almost impossible to own a villa in Mokila due to non availability of projects. And new projects if launched, sell around 2.5Cr. Join Exclventures Group of members and buy land from farmers and offer your land on development basis to selected Project developer . Buy land for Villa Project in Mokila. Get 100% security for your payment by way of registration of land. View Details


Note: Image represenational.

APH272 - DEC 2020

APH272: Group Booking in Gachibowli Tower Project

Note: Group booking portion of residential units are not available. To get alerted on future offer in residential towers, please signup. May enquire for commercial space in the 30 floor Tower facing 200 feet Road in the project.

Who doesn't want to own super luxury apartments very close to Gachibowli Signal? Just 3Km from Gachibowli Signal, in highly sought after location, buy apartment in 30 floor highrise tower at very special group rate. Project will be a remarkable architectural marvel with world class amenities. Prices of such projects will touch 10K and above soon. Group Members do not have to pay for amenities & car parks and also get certain special value adds. They will be invited to book at very special group rate, as soon as RERA approval is obtained View Details

Luxury Apartments in HYDERABAD

Note: Image represenational.

PLS45 OCT 2020

PLS45: DTCP Approved Residential Plots at Pharma City Entrance

Opportunity to own HMDA approved plots in 70 acre layout near Pharma City The layout has 20 acre villas in front (not open now) and 50 acres plot layout already HMDA approved. Immediate plot registration. Join Group and get Booking Offer View Details!

Pharma City Plot Layout Offer

PLS44 OCT 2020

PLS44: Buy land near near Hyderabad Pharma City

Join as LandOwner by buying land from Raithus and offering your land to selected developer, later. You can buy half or 1 acre in this 150 acre land bit. Immediate land registration by farmers in your name. View Details!

Pharma City Investment Offer

PLS41 OCT 2020

PLS41: Join as LandOwner in upcoming HMDA gated layout, near Warangal Highway after ORR

Buy land in the identified locality and offer your land to future developer like any landowner. In upcoming project near Warangal highway, join as LANDOWNER and get HMDA plots allocated, later. View Details!

Gated Community Investment Offer

APH269 SEPT 2020

APH269: Buy Land near Kollur as part of Group and later offer land to Builders

Land OwnerShare Offer for Apartment in Gated Community near Kollur. Buy land in Kollur from current pattadars. many buiulders are looking to start projects in Kollur. You can benefit by offering your land to builders, along woith group members View Details!

Gated Community on Land Owner Basis Offer

PLS43 Aug 2019

PLS43: Group booking is now Open! HMDA plots in layout near MAK Banyan Tree

Get top quality HMDA plots. Get the best low rate, now, by being part of group booking. Very near Srisailam Highway beside the magnificent MAK Banyan Tree Villas View Details!

  HMDA plot Layout

APH267 Aug 2019

APH267: Buy 1000sft Units in IT Park - Commercial Space in upcoming A class Highrise building before Gachibowli Junction, Hyderabad

Be a proud owner of space in IT Park, Gachibowli, Hyderabad. In project near Gachibowli. 0.5KM before Gachibowli Signal, facing the Old Mumbai Road, surrounded by existing commercial ventures, join a group member and get best rate. View Details!

Commercial Project Group Offer

APH266 Aug 2019

APH266: Join as Group Member in upcoming HMDA gated project near Narsingi, Hyderabad, 5Km from Gachibowli

Group booking offer for Apartment in HMDA gated layout. In project near Narsingi, 1KM from Gachibowli to Airport ORR, surrounded by existing luxury ventures, join as group member and get Apartments at low rate. View Details!

Gated Community  Offer

PLS40 Feb 2019

PLS40: Group Booking Offer - beside ORR just before Thukkuguda

Group Booking Offer for Limited number of Plots. Get special group rate, by making a token advance. The project is only 800 meters from ORR. Directly visible and surrounded by other layouts before Tukkuguda ORR Junction. View Details & Book!

Gated Community  Offer

APH265 March 2019

APH265: Gated Apartment Community in Kollur, after Gachibowli Kokapet

Join as Group Member in the project. Get Flats in Kollur at Group Booking Rate . 5 Acre Gated community IN Kollur with all amenities. View Details

Gated Community   Offer

APH264 Jan 29 2019

APH264: Highrise Gated Apartment Community in beside Kokapet

Instead of buying apartment later at market rate, in gated communities at Kokapet beside Gandipet, join group and get best rate. View Details & Book!

Gated Community  Offer

PLS39 Dec 19 2018

PLS39 Dec 19 2018: HMDA Plots For Sale Near Mumbai Highway before IIT, Kandi

Group Booking Offer for Limited number of Plots. HMDA Residential Plot Layout - Group Booking is Open! In locality opposite to Gitam University Campus. The project is close to RRR and between RR and Mumbai Highway. Close to both! Take advantage of group offer rate. View Details

Gated Community   Offer

GB247: 12 Dec 2018

Gated Villas Group Offer, After Kollur

Group Booking offer for Villas. Here is an offer for booking gated community villas, at upcoming 15 Acre gated community 20 Minutes from Gachibowli, beside Kollur, Hyedrabad as part of a group of people. The project is on 15 acres and will have duplex villas of super deluxe quality. View Details !

Gated Community Prelaunch Offer

APH262: 30 Nov 2018

Land Owner Share Offer in Completed Gated Community Shaikpet

Buy Ready to Occupy Flats at Large discount - Landowner Share. Save lakhs by buying Landownershare flats in this completed, ready to occupy project without GST, before you commit to book a flat in a new gated community project, near Hitec City, Gachibowli or Jubilee Hills! On GST alone, save more than 12 Lakhs plus save on base booking rate, floor rise premium etc. View Details & Book!

Gated Community  Offer

PLS38: 01 July 2018

HMDA plot layout 2Km from Shankarpally MMTS beside town!

Inviting members to book early as part of Buyer Group to get best low rate. New 14 Acre HMDA Residential Plot Layout at Shankarpally. Very close to town and just 2KM from MMTS station. Land rates are going up towards Shankarpally since Mokila rate has increased substantially. Buy plots for investment or building home. You can easily take MMTS once it is launched and get down at Lingampally or Hitech City Station, in minutes. View Details!

Gated Community  Offer

PLS37: 03 April 2018

HMDA plot layout right near ORR before Tukkuguda before Adibatla

Get Group Booking Rate beside ORR before Thukkuguda and Adibatla. 15 Acres HMDA Residential Plot Layout beside ORR, before Thukkuguda junction. PRIME location. Be part of the initial buyer group. After the truly remarkable gain in PLS29 and PLS30 beside ORR, we are happy to bring new HMDA approved plot layout project. This project also has big price increase prospects, like the earlier 2 projects. View Details

Gated Community  Offer

GB245: 01 March 2017

Villa Project in Mokila - 700 M from the Shankarpally Road

Group Booking offer for members at low rate. New HMDA Gated Villa community project with 267sqd plots and 2400sft Villas. This is an opportunity for people who missed to book villas earlier. We are bringing very aggressive group booking rate for members. View Details!

Gated Community  Offer

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How to get early rate booking offers?

If you are a member, you will receive alert email (we do NOT call anyone ever), about upcoming offers so that you can be part of the first Group to book at lowest rate, on RERA Approval.

The offers at special rate is usually picked up, within weeks, by members and booking closed.

Contact us immediately, on receiving alert, if you are interested. All offers may not be open to all.

In certain cases, we limit bookings to only members, who have booked in previous projects, due to lack of enough number of units, at special rate.

You should sign up to received the offers


IT Space   Hyderabad

APH267: GACHIBOWLI - Buy 1000sft Units in IT Park - Commercial Space in upcoming A class Highrise building before Gachibowli Junction, Hyderabad

Click Here for Details